What our clients say

“Paulette, you and Larry have gone above and beyond for Jericho, and it’s very much appreciated.”

-Craig M. Cetta, Jericho Project

“Joyce, Thank you for all have you have done. In my 40 years in business, I have had very few relationships where I have been consistently treated with such a high level of service as I have been by SBB. Year after year, and from the smallest issue on up, the service and advice I have received from SBB Insure has always exceeded my expectations. Some might say it is because of my relationship with Peter, but i do not think that. I applaud you and the others at Signature who make it all happen with your hard work, experience, and commitment to providing quality service all your clients. You are all amazing!!! I feel you personally really helped turn this around for me. I feel grateful and very fortunate to have had you advocate this issue for me. You are amazing!!! Thank you!!!!!!”

-Eric, Zapatos LLC

“I am writing to commend your wonderful Claims Representative, Eileen Brienza. I mistakenly called Eileen today about a minor question regarding my new leased car.  Thankfully this was a question unrelated to an accident or claims problem. Eileen was able to answer my question but reminded me to call my assigned policy representative.  She laughed self effacingly when I said, “Well,  Eileen you are the first person I think to call whatever my car problem is!”

You see, Eileen is such a strong personality that I automatically identify her name with  Signature B&B.  We took a moment to catch up as she asked me how I was doing generally.  As we spoke I suddenly realized that Eileen has worked through difficult auto problems with me for a few years now.  During those scary times I always felt protected and safe because of her confidence, her knowledge, and her complete calmness in the midst of what I’m certain are very difficult days filled with many client problems.   But most importantly her ability to empathize with great kindness and concern have made her very special to me. It seems to me that right now, as we are emerging from this life-changing pandemic year, it is important to tell you that Eileen has made a meaningful impact on my life and I am very grateful to her, and to you for all the fine help your company has given me for so long. Please take care and stay safe. Many thanks.”

-Joanne Gumo