What our clients say

“Paulette, you and Larry have gone above and beyond for Jericho, and it’s very much appreciated.”

-Craig M. Cetta, Jericho Project

“Joyce, Thank you for all have you have done. In my 40 years in business, I have had very few relationships where I have been consistently treated with such a high level of service as I have been by SBB. Year after year, and from the smallest issue on up, the service and advice I have received from SBB Insure has always exceeded my expectations. Some might say it is because of my relationship with Peter, but i do not think that. I applaud you and the others at Signature who make it all happen with your hard work, experience, and commitment to providing quality service all your clients. You are all amazing!!! I feel you personally really helped turn this around for me. I feel grateful and very fortunate to have had you advocate this issue for me. You are amazing!!! Thank you!!!!!!”

-Eric, Zapatos LLC