Estate Planning

Estates are a reflection of a life lived. They often include a collection of highly personal items such as artwork, jewelry and other family heirlooms, sometimes even privately owned businesses. However, because these assets are non-liquid, heirs may be forced to sell these assets in order to cover estate tax and living expenses.

Putting a life insurance policy in place can ensure your loved ones are taken care of while protecting your family’s assets.

How Life Insurance Works with Estate Planning

Life insurance can be a valuable tool in providing for the cash needs of the estate and the heirs; however, there are serious pitfalls for the unwary. Federal estate tax rates can be a significant percentage of your gross estate and they are due fairly quickly—the government demands they must be paid in cash within nine months of your death. It’s difficult to understand how much your loved ones will need and, most importantly, how to ensure the liquidity of the funds so that they can pay the debts in time.

Our team of experienced financial planners includes professionals with accounting and legal backgrounds, who can ensure that policy ownership is correctly structured to avoid estate taxes and the proper coverages are in place to meet cash needs of your estate.

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