Leave a Legacy

Planning for the future provides peace of mind for today. When was the last time you assessed your life insurance coverage? Have you considered how your financial, health and personal care needs will be met after retirement? Who will pay if you become ill or require long-term care such as that provided by a nursing home? 

The dedicated professionals at SBB can help you find the answers and secure your future by putting plans in place. 

Life Estate Planning

Business Continuity Planning

Set your business up for success. Work with our experts to craft a plan to help your company carry on in the event of your retirement, disability or death.

Disability/Income Protection

Protect your income and secure your standard of living if you are suddenly unable to work. See how we can design the right disability coverage for the best premium.


Estate Planning

Take care of your loved ones while protecting your family’s assets. Learn how we tailor life insurance policies to meet the future cash needs of your estate.

Executive Benefits

Retain and reward your most valuable employees. See how our custom programs address your performance targets, longevity and commitment to success.


Life Insurance

Ensure that your loved ones can continue to maintain their standard of living, even when you’re no longer here. See how we can help you plan to cover debts or leave a legacy.


Long-term Care

As life expectancy continues to rise, it’s important to plan now for the care you may need later in life. Learn more about your long-term care insurance options.


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