Other Commercial Insurance Lines

You built your business to be different. That’s why you stand apart from your competitors. That’s also why you need more than a generic commercial insurance policy.

Here at SBB, we take into account all aspects of your business—from the size of your organization to certain requirements for your industry through your goals for growth—when we design your custom policy.

Types of Commercial Lines Insurance

The solutions we recommend vary on a case by case basis. The most common types of commercial lines insurance include professional liability insurance, medical malpractice coverage, auto insurance, worker’s compensation insurance and flood insurance.

There are other commercial insurance lines that are more specific to industries. For instance, inland marine insurance may be a fit for traveling musicians, caterers and camera crews who frequently deal with expensive, movable property that may not be covered by standard property insurance. Or, business interruption insurance may be a good investment for companies that cannot afford to close down for weeks or even months at a time due to property damage, a cyber attack or another unexpected reason.

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