Crime comes in all shapes and sizes—but every criminal act can have a devastating effect on your business. At SBB, we work to understand what types of crimes pose the biggest threat to your company and then tailor a custom commercial crime insurance policy with the right amount of protection.

Internal Theft Protection

Over the years, we’ve helped clients recover financial losses due to numerous types of business-related crime, including forgery, robbery and electronic crime. We also design policies that help protect your business from internal theft. Because, while you trust your team to do important work, dishonest employees can easily circumvent the security and internal protocols designed to protect against external threats. Unfortunately, these betrayals can result in substantial financial losses.

Coverage for Other Business-Related Crimes

Beyond internal theft, the crime policy we create for your business may also include protection for losses caused by non-employees, including:

  • Theft or damage of your company funds, securities and property, whether onsite or in transit.
  • Forgery or alteration of important business documents—including your signature on company checks.
  • Hacking or fraudulent manipulation of your business’s infrastructure, such as false electronic funds transfers.
  • Unknowingly accepting counterfeit currency from fraudulent customers or vendors.

Finding the Right Coverage

Our advisors first get to your business so we can better understand the biggest threats associated with it. We combine this with our years of experience and industry expertise to design the most comprehensive, cost-effective crime insurance coverages.

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