Managing your insurance claims

For larger commercial accounts, monitoring and managing your claims can offer a substantial reduction in overall expense, which can flow right to your bottom line.

Analyzing your claims

The first step in managing your insurance claims is to monitor them. Particularly for companies with off-site employees, fleets of vehicles, and properties or retail stores with trip & falls experience, carefully monitoring trends in claims experience can lead to early detection and prevention.

We can monitor your claims, perform claim reviews with both your company and your carrier, and investigate possible fraud, to help you understand the causes of an upward trending claims experience.

Safety and loss prevention

Once a bad trend is identified, we can help analyze the causes of your negative claims experience and establish loss prevention policies. This may include safe driver training, staff safety training, improved signage and lighting, and looking to our carriers for guidance in what has worked for others in a similar situation. In some cases, we may also be able to place your insurance with a more appropriate carrier for your risks and exposures.

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