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While able to take advantage of opportunities not typically available to the average person, high net worth individuals also face a number of unique challenges in their financial lives.

Introducing our VIP unit

The VIP unit of The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) provides custom tailored Risk Management Solutions for high net worth individuals and families. They will tailor an insurance program to meet your specific needs, which typically includes a homeowners policy only available for homes valued in excess of one million dollars

The insurance staff within our VIP unit are all highvaluehomesseasoned professionals with specific expertise in specialized coverages not afforded under the average policy. In addition, they have in-depth experience in cost saving risk strategies, such as the use of high deductible policies, to manage both your risk and your insurance costs.

Asset protection takes on new meaning when the assets in question are significant. You may present a more interesting target to plaintiffs’ attorneys when a potential claim arises, inviting more litigation. Additional assets, such as multiple homes and cars, will each represent a risk exposure. Jewelry, collectibles and other valuable items require appropriate policy riders and may entail stringent documentation requirements.

Umbrella protection

In a litigious society such as ours, the standard limits on your policies may not be enough to fully protect the assets of high net worth individuals and families. Umbrella coverage affords additional limits of liability to protect assets over and above the limits in your homeowner’s and auto policies.


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