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Employee Benefits


Our approach is unique. The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) combines the strategic and tactical value of brokerage services with the talent and resources of a consulting firm. Our mission is to turn your employee benefit expense into an organizational investment. Let’s see how…

TSBBC understands that today’s reality is doing more with less and getting less for more. We offer a disciplined process designed to:

your current program’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

a plan around your organizational objectives

and track the measurable continuously

employees to take ownership in their health associated costs and fully
understand the total value of your organization’s benefit program

The Signature B&B Companies is the standard bearer with regard to depth and breadth of resources. TSBBC offers unlimited access to our LOCAL talent.


The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) offers you and your organization the opportunity to engage in a comprehensive business process designed to yield an investment grade best in class benefit strategy in which ALL POSSIBILITIES are explored.



The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) well-being consultants can assist you in maximizing the health and productivity of your workforce through the development and implementation of targeted well-being strategies and programs. These programs reduce unnecessary lifestyle related claims and prevent future illnesses and injuries. We help you plan, design, implement and evaluate strategic wellness initiatives that deliver a positive return on investment.

  • Negotiating Leverage
  • Plan Modeling
  • Underwriting Claims Analytics
  • Information-Based Consulting
  • Diagnostics
  • Education
Financial Management

With so many tipping point decisions facing you and your organization, it is imperative that you not only have access to key data, but more importantly, that you have expert ADVISORY SUPPORT to translate data sources into meaningful applications.

The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) offers our client partners designated financial resources brought together to ensure you and your employees best in class pricing, plan design, contribution strategies and ultimately to ensure sustainability.

  • Analyze claims data to identify trends, cost
    drivers and current and future utilization issues
  • Benchmark your medical and Rx claims data against national norms to identify cost/
    utilization outliers
  • Illuminate cost drivers and utilization patterns
    as a means to design plan structure, contribution strategies, communication campaigns,
    wellness plans and maximize disease management programs
  • Deploy detailed findings to break the dependence on carriers and take back control of your
    health care spending
  • Explore alternative plan modeling
  • Ensure your organization purchases appropriate levels of insurance
Unique Products

Never has the time been better to exact creativity with regard to your organization’s employee benefit strategy. Our industry has outgrown basic brokerage services and now demands the advice and creativity of specialists who uncover every competitive advantage with regard to program design and management.

  • Plans designed to unlock immediate cost pressure and allow sustainability
  • Third Party Administration—compress admin costs and offer flexibility
  • Unique Stop-Loss Insurance
  • Proprietary Voluntary Products—designed to complement core plans
  • Captives
  • Defined Contribution Strategies

The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) understands that employers struggle to keep up with the constantly evolving regulatory environment and to keep their employee benefit plans in compliance. This is why we are pleased to offer our clients a variety of services to help navigate the complicated legal landscape and to facilitate ongoing compliance led by our own staff attorney.

  • Health Care Reform
  • FMLA
  • Plan Documents
  • SPD
  • Wrap Documents
  • Discrimination Testing
  • 5500 Filing
  • Legal Consulting on Plan Design
  • Bona Fide Wellness Programs
  • Employee/Employer Education


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Defined Contribution

Defined Contribution solutions allow employers and their employees to harness health care costs while continuing to allow flexible plan designs.

With a benefits budget established, you deposit pre-tax dollars for each employee into a health account, select the benefit design options you want to offer and enjoy the following opportunities:

  • Attraction and retention of best in class employees
  • Define costs by way of predetermining your benefits budget
  • Streamline benefits administration
  • Allow employees choice based on personal needs
  • Embedded compliance to stringent reform requirements
  • Enhanced program awareness
  • Technology that enables employees to understand cost/benefit implications
Benefits Technology

The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) provides project management services to assist employers in choosing the right HR/benefits technology that enables Human Resources and Benefit Specialists to introduce or improve efficiencies and control over the ever increasing administrative demands.

New laws, changing regulations, and the need to provide timely information to your employees—and the government—is placing ever increasing demands on organizational staff time and resources.

TSBBC project management services addresses some or all of these demands by providing guidance and support, whether this support is needed to conduct the RFP process to distill the clutter and find best of the best, or to ensure that you are maximizing your investment in technology currently deployed.

  • Enrollment Support and Communications
  • Eligibility Management
  • Payroll Services and Integration
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Financial Calculators
  • Newsletters
  • Wellness Administration
  • Employee Life Cycle Management
  • Benefits Reporting
  • Carrier Invoice Management
  • Integrated Carrier Management
  • Regulatory Compliance
Enrollment & Education

The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) allows our client partners unlimited access to our enrollment & education team, trained specifically in this discipline. Our enrollment & education team marries traditional enrollment strategies with the latest benefits technology. Our applications are designed to transcend tired and burdensome enrollment events and educate each and every employee on the TOTAL value of your benefits investment.

We can customize your organization’s communications campaign to include ongoing messaging to address the unique nature of your work force. Appropriate utilization of the benefit plan, impending regulatory changes, consumer driven readiness and self-service have all become a “MUST HAVE” rather than a “nice-to-have.”

  • Online Enrollment
  • Employee Communications
  • HR Benefits Management
  • Financial Calculators
  • Customized Campaigns
  • Streamlined Data Exchange
  • Enrollment Project Management
  • Wellness Program Education
  • Worksite Products
  • Enhanced Employee Engagement
  • Organization Brand Enhancement
  • One-on-One Education
Our Promise To You

The demands and direction of the benefits landscape has, is and will continue to transform. The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) has restructured our delivery model to proactively accommodate these changes. Our team of committed and competent benefits professionals include specialists with experience in disciplines that transcend the transactional nature of “brokerage” and allow our client partners direct and unlimited access to resources unmatched in our market space.

TSBBC does not employ sales associates. We remove the veil of dueling agendas that never really get fully realized through the typical sales process. In our discovery process we encourage an exploratory exchange based on your company’s objectives, not ours. From the beginning, this process allows access to the professionals who will ultimately execute your benefits strategy.

TSBBC is an Acrisure Agency Partner making us one of the top 8 privately held insurance and benefits agencies in the United States. Our partner network has locations and clients across the nation, and a variety of industry focuses – but our approach to risk with those clients remains consistent. We combine the unique strategic and tactical value of a brokerage firm with the talent and resources of a consulting firm.


501 Franklin Avenue, Suite 218
Garden City, NY 11530
Phone: 516.764.1100
Fax: 516.764.1019

Email: info@sbbinsure.com

565 Taxter Road, Suite 425
Elmsford, NY 10523
Phone: 914.948.2628
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Email: info@sbbinsure.com

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