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Maximizing the return on your insurance investment

Through carefully identifying and analyzing your exposure to risk, we design and implement programs developed to meet all of your asset protection concerns. This includes assistance with areas of risk that you may be able to eliminate or self-insure.

We provide enhancements through innovative solutions and eliminate unnecessary or duplicative coverage while reducing your costs and/or making your current expenditure more effective.

The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) has access to most of the major insurers in the global marketplace with relationships that have been built over decades. As a result, we are uniquely positioned to offer specialized programs that meet your business financial needs.

Premium Planning

Designed to reduce the cost of your premiums, Premium Planning is a unique and specialized service that is perfect for organizations that are spending a significant amount of money on annual insurance premiums. Our meticulous review process analyzes your premium structure, base, classifications, dividends and audits. It is focused solely on saving you money. In fact, our compensation is directly tied to the amount of savings you will realize. If we cannot reduce your company’s existing insurance premium structure, there is no charge to you. And there is no requirement for you to change your current agent or broker.


501 Franklin Avenue, Suite 218
Garden City, NY 11530
Phone: 516.764.1100
Fax: 516.764.1019

Email: info@sbbinsure.com

565 Taxter Road, Suite 425
Elmsford, NY 10523
Phone: 914.948.2628
Fax: 914.948.2843

Email: info@sbbinsure.com

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