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Real Estate

Owners, developers, property managers and other real estate firms are responsible for significant assets, and they require appropriate risk protection


The Signature B&B Companies (TSBBC) has achieved dynamic growth by offering solutions to the real estate industry. Our significant leverage with insurers specializing in real estate coverage allow us to provide better pricing as well as offering broad coverage. We have the ability to meet your protection needs by shaping a program that is creative and flexible.

We can provide property terrorism insurance with significant limits of coverage often being essential to satisfy lender requirements. Often, we have the ability to offer expanded terrorism coverage beyond what is government mandated by including terrorist acts perpetrated from both foreign and domestic sources.

Our in-house resources allow us to provide additional benefits to our clients including lease review, analysis of indemnification provisions, due diligence on a potential property acquisition and the design of methods to track Certificates of Insurance.

At TSBBC, we recognize the importance to your business of keeping up to date on changes in the law as it affects the real estate industry and how it affects the way we approach insuring your assets. Please Contact Us with any questions or concerns you may have, or to request additional information.


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