Why You Need Just One Agency for Commercial and Medical Professional Liability Coverages

by Signature B&B Companies

A medical practice faces a variety of different risk exposures than the average commercial business.

In order to achieve maximum cost savings and protection, healthcare organizations require a specialized agency that possesses in-depth experience not only in commercial risk coverages, but also medical professional liability exposures.


The Signature B&B Companies’ (SBB) healthcare client Peak Performance Physical Therapy is a perfect example. We were able to restructure their medical malpractice protection and create more efficient commercial coverages for a combined total savings of $40,000.

Benefits of a Full-Service Agency Approach

We evaluate the landscape of a client’s location, as well as their comfort zone and look for ways to educate, provide resources and identify customized services that may have been overlooked by other agencies.

It’s about taking the time to understand a client’s business goals and how we can create operational efficiencies while also taking into account various state and federal requirements, potential cyber risks and employment practice liability exposures.

If you’re a healthcare practice or medical professional, now is the time to think differently about your coverages by allowing a full-service agency to identify practice exposures that will not only provide peace of mind, but also cost-saving opportunities that will allow you to reinvest in your medical practice.

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