Why New York Medical Professionals Must Think Differently About Med Mal

by Peter Schapero

I get asked all the time what makes The Signature B&B Companies unique in this increasingly crowded, confusing marketplace.

My response is simple. Although we are full-service insurance generalists, we also have a number of specialized practice groups that offer coverages and risk management insight that others can’t.

Additionally, we have tremendous relationships with carriers and insurance companies allowing us to negotiate terms, conditions and pricing on coverages that most brokers don’t even know exist.

How the New York Med Mal Environment Benefits You

Let’s take our specialty in medical professional liability insurance. It’s been dominated by two carriers for the last 30 or 40 years. And they’ve struggled.

Now, a number of carriers have come into the marketplace providing terms, conditions and pricing that’s literally shaking up the industry and physicians, practices and healthcare facilities have noticed and have started to move.

What’s interesting is that those two players were mostly direct writers, meaning they wrote directly with clients and medical practices.

However, these new carriers are working with agents and brokers. When your agent or broker is working with an insurance company, you’re not tied to that direct writer. In many cases, the insureds interests and the direct writers interests aren’t necessarily aligned. This can result in the carrier’s inane ability to negotiate claims in their best interest, not he insureds.

I believe that when you work with an independent insurance agent, they have your best interest at heart. And when you work with a specialized independent writer like Signature B&B, that’s exactly what happens.

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