Why a Dedicated Cyber Policy is a Must for Healthcare Businesses

by Adam Abresch

Let’s face it – you can’t turn on the news without hearing about another high-profile cyber attack. But, if you think it only happens to the ‘big guys,’ you’re wrong.

Actually, healthcare organizations can usually be found at the top of any hacker’s hit list since the data is so much more valuable than payment cards.

Due to this high-risk exposure, the marketplace has started to customize cyber coverage specifically for healthcare-related business.

Not to mention, these four very good reasons to add it, and fast!

  • Cyber exposures have (and will continue to) become very complex
  • Organizations could be at risk for a full limit loss, so an independent limit will mitigate that risk
  • It’s necessary to have 24/7 legal and communication expertise available to help minimize the loss
  • A surplus lines cyber policy will evolve as cyber risk continues to broaden

Now, more than ever, healthcare businesses must look into a dedicated cyber policy to protect their assets.

Learn more in Will Your Healthcare Facility Survive a Data Breach? To find out more about Cyber Risk  call Adam Abresch, Vice President of Cyber Risk at 516.823.3101 or email aabresch@sbbinsure.com 

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