UPDATE: What has changed since the Acrisure merger?

by Ronald Brunell

Time flies when you’re having fun! Signature B&B just celebrated our 2nd anniversary with our parent company, Acrisure LLC of Caledonia, MI and the question everyone keeps asking us is “What has changed since the Acrisure merger?”

The answer: Everything and nothing, all at the same time

When you become a part of the 7th (at the time of writing) largest insurance agency in the country you expect things to change – and in a sense they have.  Greater depth and breath of resources, access to proprietary programs and specialty underwriting, and significant market strength with our carriers.  At the same time, we continue to be responsible for and run our agency much as we always have.

The most significant changes to our operation have occurred on the client services side.

We’ve hired more employees on our service team to make sure our clients continue to get the attention they’ve come to expect from us. We’ve also hired more marketing folks as we continue to bring new products and services to our clients.  These are also strong indicators of growth.

Acrisure membership has great privileges for our clients. Our network of Agency Partners has the expertise and experience to help clients manage and overcome their largest and most complex risk and insurance challenges.  With industry specific specialties and powerful program development capabilities, experience does make a difference.

But it’s like I tell other brokers on Long Island who ask “but what’s really changed?”: The same, only better…

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