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5 Things You MUST Do when Insuring a Diamond Engagement Ring

by Gary Castle You’ve met your soul mate. You’ve purchased the ring. Maybe you’ve already popped the question. Congratulations, you’re getting married!  During this exciting time it can be easy to overlook important details, but the moment you take possession of a diamond engagement ring, insuring it should be a top priority.  Odds are the value […]

5 Important Things to do BEFORE Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

by Gary Castle Purchasing insurance for your Home, Co-op, Condominium or Apartment can be a confusing process. The purpose is to protect your property and your assets in the event of a loss such as a fire, theft, water damage, lawsuit, etc. Trying to understand your coverage AFTER a loss occurs is a mistake.  This method can […]

3 Questions Your Financial Advisor Should Ask You, But Doesn’t

by Gary Castle Financial advisers and wealth managers tend to focus primarily on asset accumulation and diversification. This is why we pay them – to make our money grow. Their plan can take years to develop and will typically experience cycles of ups and downs.  It is highly strategic and typically involves diversification.  What is surprising […]

6 Direct Costs of a Data Breach

by Adam Abresch You or someone close to you has been the victim of a data breach. It happens every day and no one is immune. This could manifest in the form of a fraudulent credit card transaction, identity theft, or locked out of your Facebook account. The cost to consumers can range from hundreds of […]

UPDATE: What has changed since the Acrisure merger?

by Ronald Brunell Time flies when you’re having fun! Signature B&B just celebrated our 2nd anniversary with our parent company, Acrisure LLC of Caledonia, MI and the question everyone keeps asking us is “What has changed since the Acrisure merger?” The answer: Everything and nothing, all at the same time When you become a part of the […]

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